10-45 micron superfine powder grinding mill

HGM Superfine Grinding Mill

  • 55-180 Kw


  • 0.5-5 t/h


10-45 micron superfine powder grinding mill
HGM Superfine Grinding Mill

HGM Superfine Grinding Mill

Description: Superfine grinding mill for Carbon black, Calcium carbonate, Magnesium oxide, Barite, Talc, Petroleum coke, Titanium dioxide, etc, from 10 to 45 micron with 0.5-5t/h capacity

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Model: HGM808

Roller No.: 18-21


Capacity: 0.5-4 t/h

  • Small-sized
  • Medium-sized
  • Large-sized

     1. Brief introduction of HGM superfine grinding mill

HGM superfine grinding mill, also named HGM ultrafine grinding mill, is a medium-speed micro powder grinding mill. It can provide fineness range from 10 micron to 45 micron, with capacity from 1t/h to 5t/h. Therefore it is very suitable for undertaking grinding tasks in fields of fine chemical industry, painting industry, pharmacy industry and animal food additive industry, etc. It featured stable and uniform final particle size, high capacity and long service lie.


Suitable raw material: Carbon black, Calcium carbonate, Magnesium oxide, Barite, Talc, Petroleum coke, Titanium dioxide, etc.

HGM superfine grinding mill plant video

     2. Main structure and working process of HGM superfine grinding mill

     2.1 Main structure


     2.2 Working process of the HGM grinding mill

The HGM superfine grinding mill uses a multi-stage grinding process, which includes crushing, grinding, and powder collection. 


First, the material to be ground is fed into the machine through a vibrating feeder, and then enters the grinding chamber, where it is ground into powder by multi-layers of grinding rollers and rings. 


The ground material is then blown by the air flow into the classifier, where the powder is separated and collected.

     3. Main parameters of HGM superfine grinding mill


      4. Which mill to buy? 

    HGM superfine grinding mill comparing to raymond mill and jet mill

   4.1 Comparing to raymond mill:

The fineness of a raymond mill can reach 325 mesh, by adding cage-type classifier, the fineness of raymond mills can reach 400-500 mesh. While HGM superfine grinding mill can easily reach final size 500-2500 mesh. That is because raymond mill only has one stage of grinding roller and ring with totally 3-6 rollers, while HGM mill has 3-4 stages of grinding rollers and rings with totally 12-40 rollers, the size of the rollers is also smaller than raymond mill.

    4.2 Comparing to jet mill:

The fineness of a jet mill can reach over 3000 mesh, but the jet mill is a small equipment with low capacity, usually less than 400 kg/h. While HGM superfine grinding mill has much larger grinding chamber and it provides capacity range from 1 t/h to 5 t/h, way much higher than a jet mill.

     4.3 Summary:

Less than 400 mesh: Raymond mill and ball mill is suitable.

400-2500 mesh: HGM grinding mill is suitable.

Above 3000 mesh: Jet mill is suitable, but the output is very low.

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