Advanced Industrial grinding mill

MTW Trapezium Grinding Mill

  • 55-315 kW


  • 3-20 t/h


Advanced Industrial grinding mill
MTW Trapezium Grinding Mill

MTW Trapezium Grinding Mill

Description: MTW series grinding mill is a new generation of minerals grinding mill suitable for limestone, talc, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate, etc. It outputs fine powder range 45-180 micron with capacity 1-20 tons per hour. It is a improved model of raymond mi

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Model: MTW 110

Feeding size: 30 mm


Capacity: 3-10 t/h

  • Small-sized
  • Medium-sized
  • Large-sized

     1. Introduction of MTW Series grinding mill

MTW series grinding mill is a new generation of roller-ring grinding mill improved from Raymond mill. It adopts many feedbacks from our customers into designing consideration and absorbing latest industrial grinding mill technology internationally, widely used in powder grinding for: limestone, barite, bentonite, quartz, calcium carbonate, talc, gypsum, iron red, feldspar, etc. The output of MTW grinding mill varies from 1tph to 20tph with different models, the final product fineness can reach 45 micron, and the particle size distribution is very uniform. It is an ideal size reduction equipment for almost all kinds of minerals.


     2. MTW Trapezium mill working principle                           

  2.1 The material is evenly and continuously fed into the main grinding chamber of the Raymond mill.

  2.2 Due to the centrifugal force during rotation, the grinding roller swings outward, pressing the grinding ring tightly, and the scraper scoop up the material and sends it to the space between the roller and the ring. With the roller rotate in high speed, the material is ground into powder.

  2.3 After grinding, strong air flow from the blower will send powder material into the classifier for powder selecting, powder that reach the required fineness will pass through the classifier and is collected as final product, powder that doesn't reach the required fineness will return to grinding chamber for re-grinding.

     3. MTW grinding mill features and improvements compared with raymond mill

MTW series trapezium mill has all the advantages of Raymond mill, such as high ROI, high integrity, small area required, it also have many improvements to raymond mill:


  3.1 Roller assembly sealing

Roller bearing chamber adopts multi-layer sealing and multi-layer protection cover to protect the roller assembly from powder, therefore to have longer service life.

  3.2 Transmission system

The transmission system of MTW grinding mill is an integrated transmission structure, it adopts bevel gear to transit power from the motor to the main machine, comparing to belt transmission, the stablity and durability improved significantly.

  3.3 Optimized air channel

The edge of the air channel is designed to be R-shaped, and the shape of air channel is made stream-lined, enable the air conducting more smoothly and reduced frictional force. The service life of air channel improved accordingly.

one-stop grinding mill lubricating system.jpg   grinding mill water cooling device for lubricate.jpg

Picture 4  one-stop mill lubricating system and lubricate cooling system

  3.4 One-stop lubricating system and cooling

When doing the rutine lubricating maintenance, only need one operator to add lubricate to the lubricate station, and then the lubricate will flow to each roller assembly automatically. This device can avoid most of the bearing failure due to imperfect lubrication and miss add by man hand, and save at least 40 minutes for each time adding lubricate.

All above features combine together makes MTW series grinding mill a better comprehensive running performance of lower failure rate, longer service, easy maintenance and uniform particle size.

     4. Technical perameters of MTW grinding mill

MTW limestone grinding mill.png

Raymond mill and MTW Trapezium mill provide 80-350 mesh fineness, if you want higher than 350 mesh fineness, we have HGM Superfine Powder Grinding Mill.

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