Classic Ore Grinding Eequipment

Ball Mill

  • 18.5 - 1500 Kw


  • 2 - 260 t/h


Classic Ore Grinding Eequipment
Ball Mill

Ball Mill

Description: Ball mill is widely used in cement, coal, silicate products, refractory materials, chemical fertilizers, glass ceramics and other production industries, dry or wet grinding of all kinds of ores and other grindable materials.

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Model: φ1200x2400

Feeding size: ≤25 mm


Capacity: 1.5 - 5 t/h

  • Small-sized
  • Medium-sized
  • Large-sized

What is a ball mill?

The ball mill is the key grinding equipment for powder making the crushed material. This type of grinding machine is to put a certain number of steel balls in its drum body as grinding medium, the materials are ground and mixed by the impact of the falling steel balls.


                                                                                          ball mill in ore beneficiation production line

Ball mill working process and main parts

How does a ball mill work?

*The main body of a ball mill is a big cylinder with a big gear on one end, in the cylinder, added many steel balls as grinding medium

1. The motor drives the cylinder to rotate through the big gear on the end of the cylinder.

2. The rotation of the cylinder generates centrifugal force, which brings the steel ball to a certain height and then falls down, which has a heavy impact and grinding effect on the material.

3. During wet grinding, the final product is discharged by the flow of water. During dry grinding, the final product is discharged by the airflow.                                  


Ball mill main parts

         ball mill parts.png  ball mill components.jpg

Ball mill with air classifier

Ball mill can also be equipped with air classifier to carry out fine powder grinding task with dry method, ball mill with ordinary classifier can output final powder size with 45 micron. And superfine ball mill classifier system can output micro powder with 10 micron. In cement grinding plant, ball mill is also used to cement clinker grinding with large-scale high-efficiency air classifier, the final cement specific area is about 360㎡/kg

 球磨机配选粉机.jpg      O-sep powder classifier for cement ball mill.jpg

     (ball mill with air classifier for 100-45 micron dry powder process)                             (Latest O-Sepa classifier for cement grinding ball mill)

Technical parameters of ball mill


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