Large vertical grinding mill working principle and structure



Working  principle and structure of large vertical mill

  JHM Machienry takes scientific and technological innovation and serving the  society as its development mission. Through in-depth development of new paths of  industry-university-research development, the introduction of advanced  pulverizing technology, and continuous promotion of product and technological  innovation, JHM Machienry has produced a series of coal mills, bentonite mills,  and titanium dioxide mills. With advanced equipment such as powder mills, JHM  ore mills have a variety of varieties, excellent and reliable quality, and  high-quality services. Among them, the large-scale vertical mills produced have  attracted much attention and popularity. The working principle and structure of  large-scale vertical mills The important knowledge to know is the foundation of  the foundation. The working principle and structure of large vertical mills are  actually similar to those of small and medium-sized vertical mills.

  I. Working  principle of large vertical mill

  The working principle of the large vertical mill is actually the working  principle of the roller mill. No matter how its structure changes, the material  is ground by the principle of material bed grinding. The material transported to  the mill by the batching station through the belt enters the vertical mill  through the three air lock valves and accumulates in the middle of the grinding  disc. As the rotation of the grinding disc drives the grinding roller to rotate,  the material moves to the edge of the grinding disc under the action of  centrifugal force and bites into the roller. Grinding is performed between the  discs, and the linear speed is the same only at the standard diameter between  the rollers and discs, and there are speed differences in other parts, that is,  shearing. Vertical mill is also called medium-speed mill. During the grinding  process, some materials are pushed to the edge, cross the stopper ring, and be  carried up by high-speed airflow. Large particles fall back to the grinding  table for re-grinding, and small particles are brought into separation. The  powder separator (powder separator) is used for powder selection under the  action of the rotating fan. The coarse particles fall back to the grinding table  through collision and consume energy. In this way, it can become a finished  product after dozens of up and down cycles. Special particles such as Tiekuai,  etc., fall into the bottom of the grinding table through the nozzle ring, and  are discharged from the grinding plate by the scraper.

  II. Structure of large vertical grinding mill

  Six-roller  large vertical grinding mill

  The structure of the vertical mill is divided according to the data of the  grinding roller, there are two-roll vertical mill, three-roll vertical mill,  four-roll vertical mill and six-roll vertical mill. The structure of large  vertical mills usually has a large number of rolls, most of which are more than  3 rolls, or even 6 rolls. The structure of the whole set of large vertical mill  production line includes crusher, elevator, hopper, storage tank, computer  quantitative feeder, iron remover, vertical mill host, high-pressure fan,  pipeline, dust collector, dust collector and packaging and other equipment .

  Production process of large vertical grinding mill

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