Equipment needed for stone crushing production line



  The sand and gravel production line is also called the stone crushing  production line. It is a process of crushing stones and making sand. There are  various combinations of the sand and gravel production lines. Customers can mix  and match according to their needs, but what equipment does the complete set of  sand and gravel production lines have? How much does the equipment cost? Let us  know about it today.

  I.  What are the complete sets of equipment for sand and gravel production  line

  A complete sand and gravel production line generally includes crushing  equipment, sand making equipment, conveying equipment, screening equipment and  feeding equipment. Sand washing equipment can also be added as needed. Each  equipment has different models. Choose the appropriate model.

  1.  Crushing equipment

  Crushing equipment is the initial equipment of the sand and gravel  production line. Each material must be crushed first, which is generally divided  into coarse crushing and fine crushing. The coarse crushing equipment generally  uses jaw crusher, and the secondary crushing and fine crushing use impact  crusher or cone crusher. As for which type of equipment to use, it depends on  the nature of the material.

  2.  Sand making equipment

  Sand making equipment is to shape the crushed materials or finely crush  them into sand according to the requirements. At present, the most commonly used  sand making equipment on the market is VSI sand making machine, which has a long  service life and has been replaced by wear parts, and is suitable for  large-scale production line operations.

  3. Auxiliary equipment

  There are many auxiliary equipment, such as conveyors, feeders, screening  equipment, etc., which are mainly used to connect each main equipment.

  II.  How much is a set of sand and gravel production line

  *Price of stone and gravel production line is not static. Different  equipment models can be selected according to the output, site, etc. Since the  prices of different types of equipment are different, the price of the entire  production line is naturally different. However, according to market conditions  Look, it generally requires hundreds of thousands or even millions, and it is  also possible to obtain a specific quotation. If customers want to obtain a  specific quotation, they can consult the manufacturer.

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